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Thread: El país negative report about the animal pond of alicante

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    shellmapfre Guest

    El país negative report about the animal pond of alicante

    I know I should have placed it in the pets plaza but consider more people should know this.
    The Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Alicante (Albergue) Animal shelter of Alicante run by Townhall in the road to Golf Course near Alicante:
    This is a dog pond and a cat dying place. when they take in animals they do not care if they are sick, they do not even ask who comes to turn them in, they do not do any blood test, they just place it/them with the rest and they are 90% of them sick already. The President and his staff put animals to sleep in the gas chamber as often as they please arguying lots of excuses.
    This is not as horrible as Cereco in Crevillente but because the place looks nice you might get the wrong impression thinking they care, but they do not and they kill dogs massively just like Cereco.
    Anyone who would be interested to get the right translation ask a spanish person to give you the right transcript of the following comments and newspaper report.
    We are all (private animal organizations) trying very hard to take this to court. In this report you can also mail in any claims of case you or someone you know might have had with this place or when taking or adopting a cat or dog
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    Santa Pola Pete Guest

    Albergue - Animal Rescue

    Unfortunately my Spanish is not good enough to get the complete understanding of this article so instead I will state my real experience with Alberque.

    We have find 3 different pups over the last 3 years all dumped in GA where the soft English will no doubt rescue them. Unfortunately we could not keep any of them as we already own 2 dogs. The first time we phoned the local police who arrived and told us that Santa Pola's policy was to destroy stray dogs but instead advised if we cared to take it Alberque.
    Alberque is extemely clean and efficient place housing unwanted dogs, cats, donkeys and ostrichs.They are supported by an extremely good and clean vetinary practice in Alicante.
    We had to give all our details and the dog was checked for a chip and general health by a vet. We were shown around the place and extremely impressed with everything we saw. The cats had pretty much run of the place and dogs had clean pens.The dogs were regularly put in large exercise pounds and their pens were hosed out daily.
    We were shown a new born litter of pups still in the incubator while the mother recovered.We were happy to make a small donation to help with their efforts.
    We returned a few days later to check on the puppy who was happy in her pen and still remembered us.
    Subsequently we had no concerns taking the other 2 dogs there.

    Finally my son has rehomed 2 dogs from Alberque at a cost of 100 euros each. But this included chipping and registering dogs, all injections and neutering if required plus free health care at vetinary in Alicante.

    Unfortunately it may be necessary to put an animal to sleep for various reasons but based on my family's experience I trust their judgement and they get my full support.

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    shellmapfre Guest

    Answer to Santa Pola Pete

    That´s exactly like it seems and that´s exactly how the personnel there act with foreigners because they can fool you and only show you the good side of it. Place might look good to you but you do not go there often.
    Let me give you an example: while two people are dating it all seems lovely, but once you have to share everything inside the same roof you start finding out the others behaviour and how the other one really is and viceversa. We are all lovely people when we are visiting.
    A fact: More than often people including English have adopted animals from there (cats or dogs) to end up having to be in their Vet clinic more than what one can expect thus having to pay for special treatments or surgeries and of course medications, to fnd out their Clinic is worse than taking it to any other Vet clinic because most of the Vets who work in these Clinics run by the Pond are beginners and in many cases they are not even good Vets beginners either and even less honest. (have to admit some of them try very hard and can be honest, to find out next time they are not there....lots of Vets go through constantly.
    Latest case an English couple adopted two dogs from Albergue, way you call it, and they were so sick that in their 2nd. visit to the clinic this clinic told this English couple these dogs had to be put to sleep, they did in situ and they never gave these people a receipt nor a written report of the dog´s illness. They want to sue them but got no evidence (The Albergue and their clinics know exactly what they are doing so they are not caught)
    Suggest you have a translator tell you what it says is my report. In There are claim reports from hundreds of Alicantinos in different animal webs who had bad experiences and they are all going to attach their cases to the official, why???
    If puppies are not adopted soon, very soon, since they got in this Pond they get contagiated by all the other animals who have already gotten deseases and most of these illness are deadly infectations.
    Let me tell go on.... I know many... many people who state similar things as you because it is the easy way out to find a place to take animals they can´t adopt. I do not blame people for taking dogs there if case gets impossible to foster them till a space is found in any other shelter.
    I have also taken animals there and even today I would have to do it if an urgent case came about in front of me and all the other shelters could not accept it due to being more than complete.
    Any time you want to come see private shelters, let me know, I will take you. In the private shelters like Lucendum who have a stall in the La Marina Urbanization Sunday Market every Sunday, SAT Animal Rescue, Asoka El Grande, etc. they rather say they can´t take an animal but they will help by posting its picture in their adoption web pages instead of knowing they will not be able to care properly for it., By the way THERE IS A GREAT NEED OF VOLUNTEERS in all the private shelters.
    Sorry to be so raw, truth sometimes can be painful.

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    Magie Guest

    Rescue centre

    Stand by what my husband said. We have not had a bad experience and our son's dogs were very healthy both of them and still are. The vet's in Alicante were fantastic and it cost them nothing (included in the price paid)for neutering and injections. When they were caught with the dreaded caterpillers the vets were caring and professional. Both dogs thankfully recovered. Therefore we can only speak from experience. Maybe others have had a bad experience, I can't speak for them only ourselves.

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    shellmapfre Guest

    I asked for you not to make any comment, but ...

    there you are again and again, but anyway I thought you knew Spanish....then, how come you did not understand the report I attached? No answer please, it is not for you to answer....I could care less, but do not go all the time in the forum saying you are so much into the Spanish, etc. etc.

    Answering the other members who answered me, believe me I am very happy you were lucky and most of all because you saved the life of some animals taking them out of there, you saved their lives and that´s what counts. I also know more cases with a happy ending, my son for example last year he adopted a puppy from there and have no complaints except for the fact that they charged him 130€ which they should not charge. It is supposed to be a donation of whatever amount you consider to give or you can give.

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    shellmapfre Guest

    For Those who can read and understand Español

    Have pasted the 1st page of reports from people in an animal web, all against the Alicante Pond....

    De: beavalencia Enviado: 14/10/2008 11:01
    Que fuerte, imaginaros llevas alli a los animales haciendose pasar que los "protejen" y los están matando. Menuda gentuza.


    Recomendar Mensaje 3 de 6 en la discusión
    De: Alias de MSNLAILA_24 Enviado: 14/10/2008 19:05
    Bueno, ya iba siendo hora de que esto se pudiera hablar sin miedos, todo el mundo sabe lo que pasa allí.


    Recomendar Mensaje 4 de 6 en la discusión
    De: Alias de MSNEnanika23 Enviado: 14/10/2008 19:53
    Por fin,crei que nunca se iba a hacer nada para acabar con esta gentuza,porque Raul es la cabeza visible,pero tiene una panda de secuaces que hacen el trabajo sucio...en esta "Protectora" se lleva matando a los animales de forma indiscriminada muchos años y reciben cantidades enormes de dinero de varios ayuntamientos,incluido el de Elche,que es donde yo vivo y es una verguenza que lo hagan bajo el nombre de "protectora".Espero que por fin se acabe con ellos.
    Animo a todo el que sepa algo que lo denuncie,juntos podemos mas y ese dinero ira a gente que realmente quiere ayudar a los animales.


    Recomendar Mensaje 5 de 6 en la discusión
    De: Alias de MSNsirka0 Enviado: 14/10/2008 21:42
    porfin!! ya era hora que saliera toda la verdad a la luz!! mientras ellos se hacen llamar "portectota" las verdaderas protectoras estan sin suvenciones porque se las llevan ellos para luego asesinar!

    ya estamos artos! queremos justicia ya! son muchas años sin que nadie hiciese caso y como hay mucha gente importante enmedio no avia manera.


    Recomendar Mensaje 6 de 6 en la discusión
    De: Alias de MSNhelen85 Enviado: 15/10/2008 8:57
    yo tambien me alegro , me acuerdo cuando fui a ver la protectora y ofrecerme ayudar que me dijeron que no, que ya habia bastantes voluntarios, eso me hizo sospechar bastante aunque la verdad es que lo que te enseñan está bastante limpio y cuidado, pero lo que no te enseñan ...

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