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Thread: BBVA Internet Banking

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    Rich & Sue McDonell Guest

    BBVA Internet Banking

    Evening All !

    Does anyone have a link to the BBVA please. I am after a translated page or English language page. I want to set up my internet banking access now they have my money !

    Rich !help

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    Feb 2004
    Dorset and Gran Alacant

    Yes they do have English speaking customer service staff and are open 24 hours. The above number is the one to use.
    By the way if you use Google translation (Its free) any internet page in Spanish is quickly translated into English which can be very useful if Spanish Firms do not have detail in English and you have not yet mastered Spanish.

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    Rich & Sue McDonell Guest
    My Michel Thomas CD's have not given me the confidence to go it alone with a Spanish speaker yet (getting there tho' !)
    Yep I have done the Google / Yahoo translation, but even though I have my account number, sort code and everything else the web site doesnt seem to have a "way in" internet wise
    No good - the face to face option will have to do when I come over to sign for my house (Yesssssssss !) in 10 days. - Not that I am counting !!

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    agila Guest
    Are you getting excited by any chance Rich.

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    The web address is . You can select your language from the dropdown box top right. Don't forget to make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser.
    Tony Gillam
    Sun, Sea, Sand and Sangria

  6. Tony has got the correct address however you won't just be able to regsiter online for internet banking - after all what is stop someone who knows your account number to set up access online and then empty your account. You will need to contact your bank either in person or by phone (the website quotes 901 11 44 77) to register so they can set you up with a username and initial password. Well that's the way Barclays in the UK and Spain work as do Bankinter.
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    I assumed he had his card and pin.
    Tony Gillam
    Sun, Sea, Sand and Sangria

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    Rich & Sue McDonell Guest
    I have. I just couldnt find my way to ther internet login page

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    tfm Guest

    Entra por primera vez (first time user)

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    gill Guest
    Can you give me the number for the BBVA bank in Gran Alacant ?
    do they speak english ?

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    Feb 2004
    Altomar One, Monte Cid, and Pedmore
    Can't help you with the number but the manageress speaks excellant english, the bloke on the desk on the right as you walk in speaks reasonable english and the bloke behind the cash desk speaks a little english (and enjoys taking the micky out of my spanish)
    Dave Walker
    Deus conatorem amat
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    902224466 is on my statement.

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    I had to go into my branch and they set it up there for me.....That was several years ago, so not sure if you can do it either on-line or over the phone now.



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